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Lewis cleans up on Top Gear

December 2, 2007

Expectations were high, and Lewis played down the competitive element saying ‘…I’m not here to compete, just to enjoy myself’…yeah right. That’s part of the make-up of a race driver, to always manage expectations and play the psychological game. The Top Gear track turned out to be wet and slippery, after the Vauxhall Monaro VXR deposited its differential oil on the wet tarmac earlier in the day. So, how did he do? In a word, brilliantly. His lap looked agressive, but impeccably composed in the treacherous conditions. The result was a time of 1:44,7. To put it in perspective: the fastest wet time was set by Red Bull Racing’s Mark Webber, who did a 1:47. something. Nigel Mansell and Damon Hill, who were on the program previously, did times similar to Hamilton, but in the dry. So basically, Hamilton did a ‘dry time’in the wet. 

A wet track is easily worth a second or three, four. What I find fascinating as a lover of motor racing, is to see the difference top F1 drivers can make even in a boring, bog standard road car. Well, this is not an F1 blog (but I may start one soon), so I won’t ramble on about it any longer -for today anyway.


Oh, bugger. James Blunt instead of Lewis Hamilton.

December 2, 2007

Am I going senile? I’m sure I saw a BBC advert for tonight’s Top Gear featuring Lewis Hamilton, but it really is James Blunt chatting to Jeremy Clarkson at the moment…many housewives will rejoice and look up from Hello magazine, or whatever it is they do to kill the time on sunday evening when Top Gear is on…but I was rather looking forward to Lewis Hamilton. What’s going on here, BBC?!

Tonight, BBC2: Lewis Hamilton on Top Gear!

December 2, 2007

A bit of role reversal on Top Gear tonight: Richard Hammond is let loose in a Renault F1 car, while Lewis Hamilton is the ‘star in a reasonably priced car’. Let’s hope the Hamster doesn’t hurt himself, and that the Stig will not storm off crying how unfair it is to be beaten by a rookie, Alonso style, if Hamilton does manage to beat his time. That won’t be as easy as it looks though, as Stiggie has been hammering round the Top Gear track for ages, and Hamilton has to adjust from 750+ bhp, and massive levels of downforce and brake performance, to a car popular with pensioners on a budget. To add to the challenge, the trailer shown earlier tonight showed the track was soaking wet when Lewis did his run. Can’t wait to see how he will cope. Well I can manage the next seven minutes, just enough time to stick the kettle on.

My ‘About’ blurb

December 2, 2007

I’ve just done a quick write up to replace the standard WordPress text on the ‘About’ page with my own words. Why not post it, as I will probably change the ‘About’ bit a few times in the future, as my blog develops. So here’s ‘About version 1.0.0’:

‘I am a freelance journalist living in Amsterdam, the capital of The Netherlands. What I will or will not write about has yet to reveal itself, as I have just done my first post. I do have a liking for music, Formula 1 and other forms of motor racing, British popular culture, and life in Amsterdam, so these subjects may well pop up in ‘All talk & no trousers’. Of course I also follow the news, and have a general interest in what ‘the media’ (I dislike this tired and over-used term, but lack for a better alternative) are up to…so I may get some things off my chest about these subjects too, from time to time. I feel I’ve built this up way too much already. Well, let the blogging adventure begin!’

My 1st post…and pretty chuffed!

December 2, 2007

This is it. Have been dragging my feet for weeks, months…a few years if I’m totally honest. There always seemed to be good reasons for putting off the start of my blog. ‘I want to host the blog somewhere, but I have to read up on all the technological mumbo jumbo’, was one. ‘I don’t know what to blog about…shall I pick a particular, but anoraky subject, or am I going to ramble on about…well, just about anything that intrigues, angers, suprises, or makes me me laugh…?’ That was another one. And finally, when I decided that a free WordPress blog will do just fine… [isn’t it blogging in its purest form? Who really needs gizmo’s like fancy pants style sheets and the like?]…only one question remained, that seemed like an unsurmountable mountain to climb: what shall I name my brand new blog? Quite a few names came up over the last few months, but they were either taken, or just plain rubbish, on second thoughts. Then, about 15 minutes ago, after a  a cup of tea and few slices toast with scrambled eggs, it just flashed in front of my eyes. ‘All talk & no trousers’. Bulls-eye! Job done. And to my surprise, nobody on WordPress has registered this brilliant name yet. The best ideas really do come after a nice cup of tea, don’t they?