My 1st post…and pretty chuffed!

December 2, 2007

This is it. Have been dragging my feet for weeks, months…a few years if I’m totally honest. There always seemed to be good reasons for putting off the start of my blog. ‘I want to host the blog somewhere, but I have to read up on all the technological mumbo jumbo’, was one. ‘I don’t know what to blog about…shall I pick a particular, but anoraky subject, or am I going to ramble on about…well, just about anything that intrigues, angers, suprises, or makes me me laugh…?’ That was another one. And finally, when I decided that a free WordPress blog will do just fine… [isn’t it blogging in its purest form? Who really needs gizmo’s like fancy pants style sheets and the like?]…only one question remained, that seemed like an unsurmountable mountain to climb: what shall I name my brand new blog? Quite a few names came up over the last few months, but they were either taken, or just plain rubbish, on second thoughts. Then, about 15 minutes ago, after a  a cup of tea and few slices toast with scrambled eggs, it just flashed in front of my eyes. ‘All talk & no trousers’. Bulls-eye! Job done. And to my surprise, nobody on WordPress has registered this brilliant name yet. The best ideas really do come after a nice cup of tea, don’t they?


3 Responses to “My 1st post…and pretty chuffed!”

  1. Galvanized Says:

    Haha — what a catchy blog name! Welcome to the Wonderful World of Blogging, ATANT! (I just ran across yours with the “Tag Surfer” on the Dashboard and thought I’d say welcome.)

    For the record, you sound exactly like I am — always so much going on in my head and the desire to write — and my blog was actually one of my New Year’s resolutions for 2007. And I’m incredulous that I actually stuck with it out of sincere interest. It’s ended up being 1) addictive and 2) one of the most rewarding things that I have ever done for myself. I didn’t know that having a sounding board and writing my thoughts was really a basic need for me. And you’d be surprised how hooked you get on others’ blogs and how many like minds are out there with the same frustrations and views. It’s a whole ‘nother fascinating subculture.

    So enjoy…and, for God’s sake, put on some pants! LOL (just kidding!)


  2. alltalkandnotrousers Says:

    Hi Melanie, thanks for posting the historic first comment! I’ll make you a platinum VIP member of honour of ‘All talk & no trousers’…or the blogging equivalent, if such a thing exists at all. So thanks for putting a surpised smile on my face.

    A blog without comments is like a bar without punters, or a…errm…ehm, concert without an audience…you know what I mean. Well, thanks for saving me from such a bleak fate. It stares every first time blogger in the face, but I’m relieved to have skipped that phase. Just dressed up my header a bit, and there you were. Cheers!

  3. Idetrorce Says:

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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