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My ‘About’ blurb

December 2, 2007

I’ve just done a quick write up to replace the standard WordPress text on the ‘About’ page with my own words. Why not post it, as I will probably change the ‘About’ bit a few times in the future, as my blog develops. So here’s ‘About version 1.0.0’:

‘I am a freelance journalist living in Amsterdam, the capital of The Netherlands. What I will or will not write about has yet to reveal itself, as I have just done my first post. I do have a liking for music, Formula 1 and other forms of motor racing, British popular culture, and life in Amsterdam, so these subjects may well pop up in ‘All talk & no trousers’. Of course I also follow the news, and have a general interest in what ‘the media’ (I dislike this tired and over-used term, but lack for a better alternative) are up to…so I may get some things off my chest about these subjects too, from time to time. I feel I’ve built this up way too much already. Well, let the blogging adventure begin!’